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Neuro Balance Board from Oak "Sacred Labyrinth" for kids & adults | Surf & Balance trainer

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Handmade from Oak.
Size: 60 x 30 x 7 cm

*Made in Latvia

There are more than 70,000 nerve endings in the human feet. Reflexology and regular static massage can eliminate and prevent many diseases, promote the outflow of stagnant lymph and improve blood circulation. The impact on the nerve endings makes the neurosystem of the human body work. The consequence of this effect is the awakening of the immune system of the whole organism. NEUROBOARDS are bilateral, and have 2 levels of impact on the foot. Suitable for both adults and children.
A series of foot BALANCEBOARDS combines the functions of foot massage, the work of the vestibular apparatus and the neurosystem of the human body. For children, neurotraining is aimed at improving the functioning of mental processes, improving memory, concentration, and stimulating thought processes. According to psychophysiologists, BALANCE BOARDS are able to deal with the problem of speech delay in children. For an adult, BALANCE BOARDS are used in recovery after various injuries of the musculoskeletal system or in diseases that disrupt the functioning of the vestibular apparatus (stroke, traumatic brain injury), as one of the methods of rehabilitation.
NEUROBOARDS and BALANCEBOARDS are made of natural materials and precious woods (oak). They have a great aesthetic appearance and can be a great gift for any age category.

Many labyrinths incorporate sacred geometry in their design to heighten the energy and walking experience (certain geometric forms and ratios that relate to organic and mineral elements of the physical world are described as possessing sacred geometry).
Labyrinths are truly sacred places. The design itself is inherently powerful. The space and the experience of walking it are also very sacred and powerful and help us feel a greater sense of Oneness. It is a tool for people of all beliefs to come together for a common spiritual experience.