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Disposable Travel Tea Ceremony Set

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There is a pot, three cups and a tea bag in a box, all of which are well matched, you only need to prepare hot water. The thick material is not hot when pouring the tea, and it is not easy to soften after repeated brewing. It can be thrown immediately after use. It is a must for lazy people. It can also be used when camping or staying in a hotel. It is clean and sanitary and more secure.

Size of 1 box: 85*65mm
Capacity: 120ml
Material: Food grade pulp (environmental protection material)
Weight: 39.6g/piece (7 sheets of A4 paper weight)
Packing size: 86*86*210mm (3 boxes)
Package size: 3 people

 3 boxes of tea bags include:
- Lapsang Souchong/3g
- Xinyang Maojian/3g
- Wuyi Rock Tea/3g (Oloong tea)

The teapot is made in China, made of bagasse pulp, which is naturally biodegradable and will automatically air dry into soil for 90 days in the natural environment. It truly comes from nature and gives back to human beings. It is environmentally friendly and lightweight.

Due to its small size, it is suitable for travel. It can be used to make tea in the office, suitable for ordinary tea, scented tea, fruit tea, etc. A great gift for tea lovers.