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Shamanic Feather Fan with Selenite for Smudging, Ceremony, Cleansing, Rituals

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The fan consists of: 15-20 types of feathers
Length: 30-35 cm
Material: 3-7 kinds of feathers (eagle, black turkey) & Selenite stick

Shamanic Feather Fan or a single feather is used in the rituals of smudging with Palo Santo and White Sage. Feather - represents the air element - raises energy and spreads sacred smoke and information.

Before cleansing the space, please thank the feathers, as well as the spirit of the birds from which they are taken. Use a fan when smudging, gently directing the smoke in the desired direction. Keep the fan in a consecrated place.

The bird feather symbolizes the soul, truth, lightness, heaven, height, speed, space, the element of wind and air, and travel to other worlds.