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Stone Bracelet Quartz&Howlite 3in1

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Natural stones: rock quartz, yellow howlite
Size: 19 cm, elastic
Set: 3 pcs
Chakras: 2. Sacral chakra - Svadhisthana, 4. Heart - Anahata
Zodiac sign: Pisces, Cancer

Magical properties are:
* help in concentration;
* the ability to calm emotions, align mood, overcome anger;
* improves attitude, relieves a person of fear, anxiety;
* being sincerely kind and pure, he is the personification of male power.
This is the eternal talisman of students and other students, it helps to cope with the academic load, to master the material well.
Among the medicinal properties most often used:
* regulation of calcium levels in the body;
* beneficial effect on the course of pregnancy;
* stabilization of the cardiovascular system;
* strengthening the nervous system.